Martin Penning
fine stringed instrument maker

I love getting new commissions and making new models. If you want a copy of a specific instrument or a model that I have already made with alterations to suit you, I’m always happy to discuss your bespoke options on all aspects of the instrument’s materials and dimensions.

Prices 2017:
Flatback Basses £12,500
Swellback Basses £15,000
5 String Basses add £250
Cellos £10,500
Violins and Violas £5,500

For commissions a deposit of £1,000 is required and payments can be made in instalments for a period of up to two years.

If you are considering a commisssion, you may be interested in the following article taken from Phil Palombi’s website about the relationship between the luthier and the client. The project was the brainchild of Greg Cordez: